Special Issue Papers

Title : Geo Spatial Technologies for Epidemiological Studies and Disease Prediction- A Remote Sensing and GIS Perspectives

Pages : 1 - 10

ID : 2018:SIP:1

Author(s) :Chinnam Yuvaraju,Research Scholar, Dr.Iyyanki V. Murali Krishna ,Professor of Spatial Information Technology (Rtd.) former R&D Director J.N.T.U.H., Hyderabad and Dr.Murali Krishna K.V.S.G.,Professor & Principal, JNTUK-N, J.N.T.U.K., Kakinada

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Title :Potential and Emergence of Quantum Computers – A Review

Pages : 11 - 15

ID : 2020:SIP:2

Author(s) : Sai Pradeep Muppavarapu, K.Sanak Bhargav ,Undergraduate Students,Amrita Sai institute of Science and Technology ,Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada , Andhra Pradesh, India

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